FileStuff: Canadian cloud you can count on, eh?


Some will insist saying “eh” is not universally Canadian. Perhaps. But no race is actually ever 100% linguistically uniform either. Dialects will always persist due to environmental factors per evolutionary science. So take that, naysayers.

That was the “eh” bit of my headline. Now on to what I really wanna share.


Your digital life on the cloud

As a tech enthusiast and social media nut, I’ve recently been participating in beta tests. One of those experiences was checking out FileStuff is the Canadian version of Dropbox for business. And this cloud box has chops.

I asked Steve Rogoschewsky, CEO, what inspired them to create this. ” We found that more and more people are not able to store files on Dropbox due to USA security concerns (location now) and they like the fact that everything is encrypted (not even our own techs can “see” the data…

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Officials: 22 Indicted In Multistate Dog-Fighting Ring

CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (AP) — Authorities say they’ve broken up a violent, multistate dog-fighting ring involving hundreds of dogs forced into brutal combat.

Authorities said Monday that a Baltimore grand jury returned indictments against 22 people involved in the ring, 14 of whom are in custody. They’re all charged with animal cruelty, dog fighting and conspiracy.

The indictments came after authorities raided 18 locations in the Baltimore area and a compound in West Virginia.

An official at the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office says authorities recovered 225 dogs, including 50 puppies, and at least 20 weapons as part of the investigation. He says 85 dogs are at local shelters, but the fate of the other dogs wasn’t immediately clear.

Authorities say the ring also has links in North Carolina, New York and elsewhere in Maryland.

Derek Valcourt will have more at 5 and 6 p.m.

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